Free or Cheap Snuggle Fabric Softner

Who doesn’t like Cheap or Free fabric softner. In this past Sunday’s paper there was a coupon $3.00/1 Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener (32 Load or larger) or Sheets (70 ct or larger) . Dollar Store and Family Dollar accept coupons and with this coupon you can get cheap or free SNUGGLE!!! If you didn’t buy the paper or didn’t receive it in your local paper you can always buy it off eBay. Why buy it if you say its free. Your still making a profit off your Snuggle because they sale the coupons in bulk. For example 10-3.44 that’s 10% of each coupon you pay them plus .44 for mailing it off to you! Some you can buy now and others you have to bid!!! At Family Dollar the Snuggles is A$3.00 making it FREEE!!! WE LOVE FREE!!!
Walmart –
Snuggle Free & Clear Dryer Sheets, 80ct
3.49 – 3.00mq = .49ea (.006125 per sheet)

Target –
Snuggle Dryer Sheets, 120ct
3.99 – 3.00mq = .99ea


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