CVS: CRT scores you Cheap Paper Towel Also Some clearance items…..

If you go to your local CVS and scan your extracare card they are printing out $1.00 of any CVS PAPER TOWELS. Well the cheapest cvs papertowels are $1.29 @ my store! So thats cheap papertowel. They’ve been printing out alll week long Sorry I just posted it!

Also, I shopped today and I was able to get 

The CrestWhite strips were on clearance: $12.50 Minus the $10.00 coupon in last Sundays P&G $2.50
The Pantene for Women of Color (bought for a friend) $1.50 minus the $3.00/2 FREE
Gillette Shampoo and Hairspray $1.25 Minus $1.00 coupon $.25 a bottle
Got 2 B Spiking Spray No coupon 1.57
EOB handsoap 1.10
Peas thing 1.75
Just a little FYI!! Check your stores.

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