So I have many readers, family & friends ask me can you get deals online without coupons? Why yes, my friends lol. If your life is too busy to clip coupons, you can always shop online with coupon codes!! Coupon codes are just like a coupon but its usually letters or numbers combined to get you free shipping, free item, or a certain percentage off an item. Let’s say you wanted to shop at Old Navy because the are having  a really great online sale. So what you do is you GOOGLE (Yes, Google is my friend) coupon codes or Old Navy Coupon Codes. Usually there will be several sites that will pop up. One that I use quite a bit is They put a list of coupon codes together and will give you the percentages of how many times it worked vs. didn’t work!! Like I tell my sister all the time Google is our friend. You can find anything on the internet these days!! Most stores offer coupon codes all you have to do is a little research!! No, Google did not pay me to say that lol. Its just IMO!!

So the next time that you are wanting to stay in bed with your coffee, pj’s and watching your soaps shop online and GOOGLE those Coupon  codes!!


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