So I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to what is HouseParty and how do they work. So I decided to write about it!! I have been a member of HOUSEPARTY since 2007. House Party is literally Parties all around the world!! Companys want to know what their products are like and if the honest opinions about them so they will take their campaign to House Party. Yesterday I recieved the party package in the picture above!! Its for GreenEarth Green Up House Party.

I recieved the following for my party :  

15-4 packs of White Cloud Green Toliet
15-Coupons for FREE 2packs of White Cloud Paper Towels
15-WhiteClouds resusable bags
15-White Cloud mini shopping list tablets
$5.00 GC to Walmart
15-SunFlower Yard seed stakes!
1-Reusable water bottle!

House Party puts out an email or you can also be texted when a new party comess up! Everytime a new party comes up you need to apply ASAP in order to be in the run for the party. The process of applying for a party takes no more than 5 mins. You answer a hostess questionnaire then they put in your application for the party!!! You wil then recieve an email right after and you need to make sure you validate your email so your survey can be completed.

A couple of things you need to remember are:

  • Only 1 per household is allowed. If they find out that you are using different names with the same address you will be banned.
  • You have to host a party, take pictures and post it on you houseparty account.
  • Make sure you be creative and fun! They like that and may be increase your chances of more parties!!
  • I usually apply for every party that comes out unless its for something I don’t have for example (babies) if Its pertaining to babyfood etc. I won’t apply giving someone else the chance to host that party who does have babies!! (IMO)

So How do you sign up?\
Make your way to HOUSE PARTY. No I don’t get anything for reffering you just sign up and you to can try products from alll kinds of companies for free!! They provide the material you provide the Party!!!

Since I’ve been a member I have hosted 5 parties. I have recieved sooo much from every party!! Love it Love it! My mom just recently signed up and I’ve had a couple of friends signed up. They were discourage they haven’t yet been picked to host but I reassured them that their chance will come it takes time. So once you apply keep applying for all the partiees that are intrest to you!! YOU’ll get picked!!

This is soley my opinion. Houseparty had no sayso in my opinion. Yours may be different!!


5 Comments on “What is HOUSEPARTY?”

  1. I have been trying to host a party for years and haven't been picked yet! Ha! And I try every single one of them. That's completely awesome, I do know they get you some great products!Visiting from UBP10 and following. Hopefully you follow back and come visit us! We have a great party going on too, along with some giveaways!http://theartsymom.tk

  2. Kasie says:

    Thank you for your comments! I am making my way to yours now!! Don't give up you'll get picked

  3. joeandbridge says:

    Hi There! Poppin' in from UBP to be your newest google follower! Hope you can swing by my blog when you get a chance! Have a great weekend!!Bridgette GroschenThe Groschen Goblinswww.groschengoblins.com

  4. Just came across your blog! Love it! You're so lucky to get to host a party I never get picked! boo! lolHave a fab night!xo

  5. cathy says:

    hello fellow Texan! stopping by from UBP! thanks for commenting on my page and letting me know my twitter button was broke (eek!) i fixed it if you would like to follow now. 🙂 http://www.couponingshopaholic.comi love houseparty! i have been picked 3 times and there are some really good ones on there right now!!!!

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