So i’ve already filled you in on what HOUSEPARTY is!! Well a new party has come out!! Its the Digiorno Soccer Shootout Houseparty!! If your a member make your way HERE and sign up for it. If your not a member make sure you do sign  up because these are awesome ways of getting free product while hosting a fun party for you and your friends and loved ones. Not only do you get to try the products for free you also can spread the word about that certain item!!!

On June 11th you can host a party from Digiorno!!! IF selected to host you will be recieve:

•6 FREE Host Pizza Coupons

•15 Guest Pizza Coupons

•1 Pizza Cutter

•1 Refrigerator Magnet

•16 Country Flag Bandanas

•8 Whistles

•8 Thunder Sticks

•Party Stickers

•Napkins and Plates

These parties can be super fun!! I have hosted 5 parties already and Love Love every product that I’ve tried so have my guests!!! So make your way to Houseparty and sign up!! Also make sure you sign up for the Texting option to where you will b first to know when the party register begins!!!

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