Have you joined houseparty yet? If not make your way to houseparty now. Sign ups are open now to host a party for BULL'S EYE BBQ SAUCE!!! this is an email sent to me!! I joined the email listing to be the first to know about party openings!! I've hosted 5 parties and they are super fun!! It cost you nothing!! Well only what you plan on serving with your free BBQ sauce!! 

When it comes to BBQ sauce, what kind of man are you — bold or sweet? BULL'S-EYE challenges you to go bold as you fire up the grill and host the most epic BBQ of the summer for you and your buddies.

On June 26th, be the first to taste four bold new sauces from BULL'S-EYE. Then go horn to horn with your friends as you compete in fierce backyard games that are as bold as the sauce itself.

If selected to host, you'll receive a free party pack filled with great stuff sure to make your BBQ legendary.

Spots are limited — sign up now!!!



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