3- stores

I bought:
12-Basic Paper Towels Used $1.00/Targ Q
10-Trial size Dove deoderants used $1.00/any
10-Olay Bar soaps Used $1.00/any
6-Nivea Body Wash used $4.00/1
20-McCormick Seasonings Used $1.00/1
4-BarS hot Dogs used $1.00/2
1-Delish Turtle Brownie
6-Smart Ones
1-Marie Callenders (was my lunch now to late lol)
2-Loaves of Bread
1-Italian Bread
1- Weathers Original Candy $1.00/1
2-Tostitos $1.00/1 Peelies
2-Reynolds WRAPPERS $1.25/1
1-International Delight Creamer $.55/1
1-Pepsi $1.00/1 20oz
1-Gallon of Milk
2-Surfs 2.00/2
6-Wholly Guacamoles $1.00/1
Total before coupons  of all 3 stores $174.10
Total OOP after all coupons $28.13

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