ReScheduling Lexi’s Disney Trip

Well I got ahold of Alexis’s Wish Grantor today and they are informing us that we are to send a date of when she is able to go to Disney World in Florida! First things first, I have to get another approval from her doctor being she rejected a while back. So… Many Many prayers are being asked that she is finally able to make her dreams come true!!!! This is very exciting for my Lexi. If you don’t know she underwent a liver transplant back in 7/1/2008 and is currently doing great! Her wish was suppose to take place on 7/24/10 but on 7/23/10 she rejected and was admitted to the hospital with moderate rejection.

Why am I Typing this up? WELL because I wanted to share with you all what was going on at this present time in our lives!!! Many of my readers are my family and friends so this is a wonderful way to keep up with them thru my blog and Facebook. Yes we are on FACEBOOK!! I will keep everyone posted as this day gets closer for our family! Her wish was…. For ALL Her immediate Family to go, be at the front of everyline and for her little sister to be able to go into the Princess Castle and meet all the Princess!!! I will upadate a date and we can go from there!1 In the meantime… I HAVE A LOT A LOT of blogging to catch up on. I am trying to find an APP for me to blog on the go so I can keep up with all these deals that come across my way. SO… if you hear of an Iphone APP for BLOGGER.. PLEASE lmk!!

Thanks a million Hope all is well with each and every one of you!!!

Kasie 🙂


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