HOUSEPARTY: Jolee's Jewel Bead it Yourself Party

Do you make Jewelry, wanting to know how ot make Jewelry or just creative at heart? Well, House Party Is offerin a Jolee’s Jewel Bead It Yourself Party!!! This party has a lot to offer!!! Make your way to and Go sign up for the Jolee’s party!!!
This party includes if picked:

•10 Exclusive Jolee’s Jewels party projects containing Swarovski crystals and pendants for Host and Guests

•Wire for bracelets

•Findings for bracelets

•2 Jewelry pliers

•1 Flush cutter

•1 Hotfix Tool, plus Hotfix Crystals

•1 Special coupon for Host

•20 Guest coupons

•Special Jolee’s Jewels jewelry project sheets

•And other great gifts!

If your not a member of HOUSE PARTY it is a great website that gives you the oppourtunity to Host a party and try out great new products!! I highly Reccomend it!! Haven’t hosted one in  a LoNG LONG time but apply to the ones that I feel Are good for me or someone I know!!! So go apply!! ITs super fun!


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