America’s Hottest Dance game for Wii Is BACK!!! HouseParty is offering a JUST DANCE 2 Party for you to host for you, your children and their friends. I have been waiting desperately for this one!!!! So make your way to HOUSE PARTY and apply now!!


On Saturday, November 20th, moms and daughters will get together for the coolest dance party of the year, courtesy of Just Dance 2, only on the Wii system. With up to 8 players, your family, friends, and their kids will:

•Gather for an epic dance-off

•Be among the first to bust a move to the hottest choreography of dance hits from artists like Rihanna, The Pussycat Dolls, Vampire Weekend, Blondie and James Brown

•Grab a friend and enjoy dancing duets and all-new game modes that will keep the party going

•Compare dance moves with parties across the country by uploading photos and videos

Join the movement. Apply now to host!

Not a member yet??? WELL what are you waiting for!!!! Register HERE to become a member NOW!!! Ive mentioned House Party several times in the past and I’ve had a few parties but haven’t had one in a long long long time.!! So make sure you apply that way they to can send you email and text updates of new events coming so you can be one of the first to apply for it!!!


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