Mega Swagbuck Fridays!!

Swagbucks Swagbucks Swagbucks!! What? You haven’t joined yet?? What are you waiting for? Let me tell you why Swagbucks is sooo awesome! I did my Christmas Shopping by earning Swagbucks which I turned around and bought Amazon Giftcards!
What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a online portal which allows you to win “digital Dollars” called swagbucks which then can be redeemed for awesome prizes in the store!! You can Search the web, watch videos, finding swagbuck codes, trading in cellphones and video games, lots and lots of ways to earn swagbucks.

So join today and start earning prizes!! What Kind of prizes you ask? Well, you can earn amazon gift cards, Starbuck gift cards, paypal money, electronics etc etc. This is 100% legit of course I wouldn’t reccomend you to it if it wasn’t.

Also Once you download the toolbar you can do your searches in the Swagbucks tool bar and it will allow you to win Swagbucks everyday!! Dont just type in searches just to get points do like 3x’s a day. Morning, nooon and night!! On Fridays its Mega Swagbucks and you can earn lots more on Fridays by doing searches.

Here is an example of what a swagbuck looks like:

Once you have seen this sometimes it’ll ask you to put in a  unique code to make sure ur human and sometimes it will automattically add the points to your account!!

So go here to Swagbucks and create your account today! If you start now do searches everyday you can easily earn $5.00 Amazon giftcard worth 450 swagbucks but you can easily earn enough amazon money for Christmas!! Super fun Super exciting if you like shopping online and earning free stuff I suggest you to go now and sign up!!


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